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semi-urgent? [Dec. 31st, 200503:17 pm]

i know this community is essentially dead now :( but i have a lil request that's a bit time-based: anyone have a copy of "auld lang syne" so that i could get it on a mix for tonight? i would love you forever, not that i don't already. :) my new computer is up and running, so hopefully i'll have some more mixes to post soon-ish. thanks in advance!
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a road trip mix. [Nov. 23rd, 200501:00 pm]

[listening :: |johnny cash.]

"born to run" by bruce springsteen
"mr blue sky" by electric light orchestra
"kooks" by david bowie
"we can work it out" by the beatles
"sweet jane" by the velvet underground
"all along the watchtower" by jimi hendrix
"tenth avenue freeze out" by bruce springsteen
"you wont see me" by the beatles
"mr bojangles (dylan cover)" by neil diamond
"everybodys gonna be happy" by the kinks.
"Mrs Robinson" By Simon & Garfunkel
"tear stained letter" by johnny cash
"a day in the life" by the beatles
"suspicious minds" by elvis presley
"perfect day" by lou reed.
"nobody loves you when your down and out" by john lennon
"desperado" by johnny cash.
"a case of you" joni mitchell.
"in my life" by johnny cash.
"don't think twice it's alright" by bob dylan.
"a satisfied mind" by johnny cash.
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New Music Tuesday! [Aug. 30th, 200510:02 pm]

[Tags|, , ]
[kind of :: |happyhappy]
[listening :: |Death Cab for Cutie // What Sarah Said]

I spent too much money today. But it's worth it as $40 of it was three cds. Here're my first glance reviews.
  • Death Cab for Cutie's Plans: So beautiful. I'm on my second round of listening to it and am adoring it. Not a disappointment. I can hardly even articulate this much of how I love it. It's interesting because it does sound fairly different from Transatlanticism, and in fact has taken steps toward Postal Service. The single is catchy, and an obvious choice for a single, but it is by far not the strongest song. I really enjoy the first track, "Marching Bands of Manhattan", "Brothers on a Hotel Bed", and "Crooked Teeth" right now. It'll need another few listens before any definite favorites emerge though.
  • John Vanderslice's Pixel Revolt: Sounds like Eels mixed with Ben Folds. I love this. I had heard a few tracks off of it when it came into the station. Erika first played it for me when she got an advance copy from her brother (who got it from Jason from Death Cab, same label), and immediately loved what I'd heard. When it was officially in, I listened to more and kept on loving it. Most of the tracks have the usual combo of guitar, drums, piano - but thrown in for fun will be bells, xylophones, maraccas, and a bunch of instruments I don't even know. If you hear only a few tracks: "Continuation" (a murder mystery ballad), "Exodus Damage", and "CRC 7173, Affectionately". Supremely amazing.
  • A Band of Bees Free the Bees: Another one that came into the station first. I haven't been able to hear the full album continuously yet, but everything' I've heard from the station has been great. Sadly it was stolen a couple weeks ago and I couldn't get the chance to hear it all. What I liked though was "This is the Land", "Hourglass", and "Go Karts". They're a mix of Franz Ferdinand, The Hives, and The Monkees. That is pretty darn groovy.
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Warped Tour? [Jun. 21st, 200506:49 am]

[kind of :: |energeticenergetic]

Just curious if anyone is planning on checking out the Van's Warped Tour in your area? The tour kicked off here in Columbus, OH this past Saturday and courtesy of my radio station, I got free tickets. Anyway, while there my husband won the 2005 tour CD for me, if anyone is interested in checking it out, let me know. There are 50 songs on it, I think.
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(no subject) [Jun. 10th, 200511:47 pm]


I keep trying to get the file of the mix "I love mug" to upload, but it keeps crashing. It looks like I will have to go link by link to get them up, and that could take awhile.

I really don't know why my computer is running so slowly.

Just want to let you know how sorry I am to be gumming up the game. I had a lot of fun doing it, and I hope everyone still wants to play!
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(no subject) [Jun. 6th, 200509:19 am]

On the TMC front: I talked with jilliliz yesterday and she did finish "i love mug" but her computer kept crashing when she tried to post. So as soon as her computer stops crashing, she'll post the mix.
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I've got something maybe I should tell you [May. 29th, 200505:46 pm]

[kind of :: |thoughtfulthoughtful]
[listening :: |Eels // Checkout Blues]

Eels Blinking Lights and Other Revelations

I've only listened through this two disc album once so far, but already I love it. I haven't had enough listens to comment on the lyrics and themes, but musically it's very diverse. Lead singer Mark Everett (alias E) is undeniably the focus of the trio. E's voice captures and hooks the listener instantly and automatically. It adds depth and substance to the songs, keeping them from sounding too smooth, one-dimensional, and flat. His gravelly, raspy voice is a perfect compliment to aggressive/electric rock songs as well as mellow piano pop melodies, both genres you'll find on Blinking Lights.

The musical heterogeneity is self-evident when you move from you're more generic pop songs like "Trouble with Dreams" to edgier rock songs like "Mother Mary" (where you'll hear electric organs paired with heavy drums) to piano centric tunes like "Suicide Life" to acoustic guitar sounds paired with violins in "Understanding Salesmen". And that's only on the first disc. On the second you'll find more of the rock, and less of the pop, elements. Both can stand alone very easily, but together they give the listener a rich and full whirlwind of musical experience.
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Some spoils and some housekeeping [May. 28th, 200501:14 am]

Okie dokie.
So I played this song a couple months ago on my show and have been trying to find it ever since. Well, duh, I looked on purevolume.com and myspace.com and found it was downloadable there. Which means a)i have it and b)it's LEGAL to share.

You guys should go check out their site anyway - they are The Merediths and this is "Marmalade Maggie". If you like it, I also have (legally) "Let's All Live Underground" from them too.

So that's the fun, here's the housekeeping:
This summer I won't have dependable internet access like I have been able to, so I won't be able to keep up the lyric game. Partly the internet, partly the costs on a very limited budget for the summer. In the fall when I start work again it should be fine to start back up. So from June-September we'll be lyric game-less, unless someone wants to pick it up for fun (certainly the prize wouldn't be expected). The mix chain challenge (i already forgot what I was calling that one) should be able to continue as scheduled though.

So just an fyi.
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A couple requests [May. 26th, 200510:09 pm]

[listening :: |Aerosmith - Don't Want to Miss A Thing]

I don't know if these songs are the "normal" type of music for this community, but I figured I would just check to see if anyone had them anyway. Does anyone have copies of either:

Jason Mraz - Word Play
Anna Nalick - Breathe

If you do, and could somehow send me the file, that would be delightful. Thanks!
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Chain Mix Challenge [May. 23rd, 200505:59 pm]

Ok, so we had some good interest for the chain-mix-challenge, so we'll go ahead and give that one a shot. I'm gonna call it the Mix Tag Challenge for now. Maybe I'll be cool and refer to it as MTC even.

read on for more infoCollapse )
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